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EHS Culture Concept

EHS Guidelines

Clean production, green development. 
Double prevention, intrinsically safe.
Health and hygiene, continuous improvement. 
Benefit the society and operate continuously.

Safety Culture Concept
  • 1、Never compromise on safety.
  • 2、Be responsible for the safety of my area.
  • 3、Everyone must be responsible for the safety of himself and others.
  • 4、All accidents are preventable.
  • 5、Safety is the prerequisite for all works.
  • 6、Hidden danger means accident.
  • 7、Hidden dangers must be rectified in time.
  • 8、Good safety creates good performance.
  • 9、Safety is a condition of employment.
  • 10、The safety follows everywhere.
Ten Red Lines for Safety
  • 1、Smoking is forbbiden in non-designated areas in the factory.
  • 2、It is forbidden to lock safety exits or block fire exits
  • 3、It is forbidden to engage in dangerous operations without a ticketTo engage in hazardous work (open fire, high places, limited space, temporary electrical work, etc.), a valid work permit must be obtained

  • 4、It is forbidden to illegally command and force hazardous and illegal operations.
  • 5、It is forbidden to turn on or shut down equipment not in this area of responsibility
  • 6、It is forbidden to work after drinking
  • 7、Tag-out and lock-out must be performed when working with hazardous energy sources
  • 8、Special operations and special operations personnel must be certified to work.must be certified to work
  • 9、It is forbidden to dismantle safety interlocks and protective devices without authorization.
  • 10、It is strictly forbidden to store and use hazardous chemicals without authorization.
    (It is forbidden to store and use toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals in violation of regulations without approval).