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Talent Concept

Talent Strategy

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, Nanyang Pharmaceutical has made great efforts to implement the talent strategy of 'making good use of existing talents, introducing urgently needed talents, retaining key talents, cultivating suitable talents and reserving future talents', and has determined the talent strategic objectives suitable for future development:

Build a diligent thinking, quick to learn, very pioneering spirit and innovative consciousness, full of vigor and vitality, unity and cooperation, integrity and ability of the core management team;

Cultivate a team of professional and technical personnel who are capable and efficient, diligent in study, with multi-disciplinary knowledge, multi-faceted practical ability and innovative ability;

Cultivate a team of professional marketing personnel with considerable scale, high comprehensive quality, strong team spirit, modern marketing knowledge and rich practical experience;

Cultivate a team of production personnel with dedication and team spirit, multi-post practice ability and learning ability, master the operation and maintenance skills of modern pharmaceutical equipment.

Under the influence of the enterprise spirit of 'Making progress for human health', all kinds of talents gather in the big family of Nanyao, helping, supporting and relying on each other, learning, improving and growing together in a united and harmonious atmosphere. 


Talent view

Guilin Pharma adheres to the talent concept of 'attracting people by development, agglomerating people by career, training people by work and evaluating people by performance'. An excellent enterprise must have excellent human resources, and excellent human resources will undoubtedly help to shape a successful enterprise. Guilin Pharma regards talents as the core competitiveness of enterprise development. Respecting, trusting, caring, understanding, serving and developing people is Guilin Pharma's standard for treating everyone. The responsibility of an enterprise lies not only in making products, but also in serving the society. Guilin Pharma hopes to shape a team of employees who are united and pioneering, realistic and innovative and brave in the new century. The ceaseless thinking and ceaseless creation are pushing forward a never-ending carrier of Guilin Pharma. Time goes by and things change. With the rapid development of science and technology, the existing technology, equipment, means will be gradually replaced, but we should be proud of: we have a progressive ambition, with continuous innovation of culture and quality of human resources.Respect for it, and joy from it. The value of self, the joy of creation, the joy of work, blend here, realize at this time, the humanity shines here.


Employment policy

Respect, care, play and develop.

Respect the value of every employee, care for the growth of every employee, give full play to the potential of every employee, so that employees and the company develop together.

Strong Initiative --Active work instead of passive work.

Strong initiative, tenacity, independence and enthusiasm to do their job well.

Positive Creativity -- Dream big and don't settle for the status quo.

Actively discover new ways to think, new ways to work, and the best way to achieve a goal. It can only be harnessed by working more creatively and challenging conventional wisdom.

Strong Analytical Ability - Think positively and strive to find the best new ideas.

Think through the problems at work and come to reasonable conclusions. Because of our high intelligence, we are able to respond to changing business competition in a timely manner.

Excellent Leadership - Communicate effectively without limits, lead and inspire others.

Successfully lead a group to achieve the best results and strive to help subordinates reach their potential.

Excellent Coopertaion Spirit - Be someone who understands the needs of the organization and others.

Ability to develop good working relationships with colleagues and know how to generate enthusiasm for the best individual and team performance in the workplace.

Strong Communication Skills - Influence others with good feelings, confidence and goals.

Express your ideas concisely and persuasively. Being able to influence others, you also listen to suggestions and feedback with an objective and open mind.